Thursday, July 05, 2007

Conspiracy Theory Redux

Why did Bush&Company feed into the hands of the conspiracy theorists? That is the big question.

If you were the Commander in Chief and you cared what the public thought, wouldn’t you want to put the conspiracy theories to rest if it were within your power to do so?

You would think so…

I think any rational soul would want to allay people’s concerns and start out with a clean slate. Not so this presidency.

And that by itself is mystifying….

There were so many ways to bury the theory by taking the necessary actions to eliminate the questions.

But it hasn’t happened.

This raises the conspiracy theories to even higher levels…

And so it goes….

Just in the past seven years, we have seen conspiracy theories proliferate.

What really happened around 9/11?

Why were the Saudis sent home when no one else was allowed to fly?

Why was NORAD conducting twin exercises at the time of the attacks?

In the years I was affiliated with NORAD, I never saw that happen; yet,
It may be a coincidence; then again, when the coincidences start to pile up, they are not coincidences…

Why did Cheney think that our jets took down two of the airlines?

Why did Bush take so long to respond?

Why was FAA so confused about what to do?

When asked some of these questions, Secretary Rice said that it was because nobody could imagine such a thing.

She should have known better since high jacking of jets was being attempted in Southeast Asia.

And just months before, NORAD had conducted simulations of two airlines being hijacked—one targeted at the Pentagon; the other, the WTC.

Why did Bush insist on going to the ranch in August when he had received a warning from his counterterrorism chief that there were indications that there was going to be a massive strike on the US shortly???

Why did Bush take so long to investigate? (After Pearl Harbor, president Roosevelt completed his investigation before Bush even began his and it was done reluctantly only because the widows of 9/11 forced his hand.


And if he wanted to really discourage the rumor mills, why did he appoint the already suspect Henry Kissinger to conduct the inquiry who was already implicated in the CIA’s behind the scenes activities in Chile and his prior involvement in Cambodia?.

Then why did he refuse to testify alone? Was he afraid that he would allow something to slip?.

Why did he demand it be behind closed doors with no notes taken? This does not sound like the president of the leading country of the free world; it sounded more like somebody with something to hide.….

Questions heaped upon question leading to more questions—all to feed the Conspiracy claim.

It would have been so simple to put this all to rest if Bush and Cadre chose; they chose not to so the rest of us are left with groaning lists of questions that will never go away.

I am in the process of researching a book on 9/11 now and I am disturbed that our own 9/11 commission was thwarted at every turn by the White House…

It seems now as if there is nothing but a vacuum of information; that there is no interest in resolving all of our questions about so many things pertaining to 9/11 as, for example, why a 9x12 foot steel box, the engine housings, were not found at the Pentagon and that all of the films were removed from all the cameras in the vicinity and why nothing has been found at the Pennsylvania location except a very strange hole in the ground, no wing parts, no nothing. Both locations looked as if they were hit by a rocket or missile rather than an airplane. Moreover, whydid 7 World Trade Center come down? It was not hit by a plane and if it collapsed from the fire, it would be the first steel skyscraper to have done so….

At the very least, we need to form a post 9/11 inquiry panel to get the answers our questions deserve.

Thank you.

Les Aaron
The Armchair Curmudgeon…

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