Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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Dumbed Down, You Tell Me...

Get this, in Missouri, there is a summer camp that is a little different than most summer camps you’ll ever come across. There’s no boats; no cars; no rides; no games. There are no weekends across the lake. No trips to the local city.

And while this might discourage most kids, the fact is that they are stacked up with applications of students eager to get in.

The reason: This is an explosives camp.

You go there and learn how to blow things up!

That’s right. I kid you not!

The owners of the camp say that the idea is to encourage bored teenagers to become
Explosive experts.

According to the owners, many explosive engineering experts will be retiring in the next few years and there are few replacements in training.

Underwritten by one of the leading colleges in explosives used for mining and related applications, they take youngsters out to learn how to blow up all kinds of things.

From what we could learn, the camp starts with watermelon and proceeds to chickens. They warn you not to keep your mouth open when they blow up the chickens because the innards seem to go everywhere.

The owner also went on to say that many of their best recruits come from the Middle East.
It seems that they are anxious to learn the most advanced techniques for “blowing things up.”

Apparently, none of this seems to raise any eyebrows from either the camp owners, Immigration or the Department of Homeland Protection.

It is a very strange world we inhabit.

In America, it seems anything goes!

Les Aaron
The Armchair Curmudgeon


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