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The Dupes of Government

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A Little More Time....

TheVirtually all of the generals whether they are rotating or retiring are saying that Iraq needs more time.

Therefore, since time seems to be the unsolvable problem, let’s take a look at the score card.

We have already spent five years “in country.”

What have we accomplished in that time?

In five years, we have lost 3561 of our best and brightest.

We have been told that there are 25,000 plus wounded, many with serious wounds….although our own personal estimates suggest maybe double or triple the government’s estimates.

Nor do we have any kind of inventory of how many of our returning troops are suffering from ‘invisible’ wounds, psychological damage that has not been diagnosed or treated. .

The president tell us like little children that we should be patient.

That we really must trust our military leaders.

Well, the people have been patient and we have trusted our leaders and what have we gotten for it.

Aside from the chaos that rules today, and the fact that we have been unable to restore the water, the electricity or even make the streets safe enough for children to return to school despite the expenditure of over 500 billion dollars—a half a trillion dollars—the results have been astoundingly bleak.

Therefore, it is only fair that we ask for an accounting.

Here’s our assessment: Every one of our leaders has poised the “trust me” approach and none of their “solutions” has worked.

The big question then becomes is patience or waiting the key?

It seems not.

One might rightly assume that if they have failed for five years, what is different about their approach now to lead us to believe that aside from its new name, it will be a success?

It comes down to this: Our patience is at an end.
When you are down 60 months plus without one month of good news, you have to ask yourself whether you are backing the wrong horse.

What we have been asked to do is the same as backing a gambler who tells you that he has a secret formulae for winning for sixty months and month after month he keeps losing. At some point, you have to say that this is insanity and one of you needs to have his head examined.
There is one exception here: The stakes are much higher.

We are told by spokespeople for the White House and the generals that Al Qaeda is the real enemy.

They also tell us that there were just a few thousand in Iraq.

If this were true, would it not be reasonable to assume that we could wipe out an enemy of several thousand terrorists if we so desired?

Don’t believe it.

Let’s flash to World War II.

In four years, we defeated the bulk of the German army and the Japanese army, armies of millions of men and we fought them all over the world—from Africa, to New Guinea to France and Scandinavia and brought them to their knees. At every step of the way, we saw tangible progress.

And we won! In four years!

Need we be reminded that we did that in 1945, without targetable missiles, without the Abrams tank technology, without F15’s, F16’s and F18’s, without Warthogs…. without Gatling guns that spew out 6,000 rounds of spent radioactive material, or weapons that can destroy an entire battalion of enemy tanks with one bomb covering a dozen football fields. We did this without computers, without satellites and without unmanned airplanes that can bomb someone from five thousand miles away….

The truth is that we have been lied to over and over again.

With all the power of the US Forces and the latest military weapons and an unlimited budget, we still cannot win out over a few thousand “terrorists?”

Let’s face the truth:

We are either the most inept force imaginable.

Or the truth is something we’ve been denied up til now….

What is the truth?

The truth is that Iraq is engaged in a Civil War.

The truth is that the government we support is not representative of the people.

The truth is that everyone who could has left the country.

The truth is that Iraq has been decimated by our purported efforts to bring democracy to Iraq.

The truth is that Iraq like Yugoslavia could only be held together by force.

When that force ended, it fell apart and we only happened to be there as
The unwitting buffer.

For what reason?

We know that Exxon and Mobil eye greedily the oil.

And if this whole thing is about anything else than oil and getting America to forget every other important issue, I shall eat my hat.

Meanwhile, we continue to play a game that we clearly cannot win…
And that is a sign of utter madness.

Les Aaron


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