Tuesday, July 03, 2007


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It’s an interesting irony.

The White House really doesn’t want to block off the border. It wants its friends the rich growers, meat packers, chicken processors, hotel owners to have a continuing access to cheap labor.

And cutting off the borders stops the flow of the illegals who fill this role.

But what the government won’t talk about is what the police forces are discovering all over the country.

The flood of humanity also includes members of some of the worst gangs ever and they are coming here in growing numbers.

Nobody seems to have a handle on how many have infiltrated into the states. Some suggest 40,000, some say 20,000, but anyway, the numbers are significant.

How do we know?

The rising numbers of crimes committed in the United States.

Ironically, one of the places being innundanted with dangerous Mexican gangs happens to be in the areas outside of Washington D.C.

Places that several years ago touted high middle class populations are now changing into areas of high crime and misdemeanors.

This is not a good sign for those who must bear the price of admitting not only illegal immigrants, but criminals as well.

At the very least, our resources are being heavily taxed.

There are not enough prisons; not enough capacity.

And there is a cost to every tax-payer of a run up in crime.

While Bush is reluctant to move forward with the Walls he proposed, now it is no longer an option.

If we want to keep the criminal element down to a manageable level, we must begin now to build the wall to not only keep out this element, we must build the wall to keep our own citizens safe.

Les Aaron


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