Friday, June 15, 2007

"What's Left to Do?"

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Jobs Available: Americans Need Not Apply!

Hey, if we’re too smart to do manufacturing, and we’re not smart enough to do the Information Age jobs, and we don’t want to pick crops, we certainly should be able to fill one of the highest positions in the Republican Party wouldn’t you think?

But Californans, at least of the Republican variety, think otherwise.

They have said repeatedly that they had to turn to Canada and Australia to find talent.

In fact, they were one of the first to fill out their H1B applications before all of the requests are filled. We don’t even get 100,000 of them and with all of the republican jobs open, we can expect that they will be all grabbed up.

But when all is said and done, what does that do to our collective egos?

I mean, my God, there is no one left in America who can fill this job?

If that’s the case, it’s time to get packed.

I mean what are all of the rest of us going to do….

But as of now the republican party is standing firm.

This was going on while Arnold was lecturing the rest of the Hispanic illegal and legal immigrants about the necessity of learning English.

Hey, I’ve been here all my life and I speak pretty understandable English, and hasn’t helped me qualify for an English language job lately.

But don’t feel bad. There is a new site now that you can go to and they will help you improve your English so that you will be more employable.

And people are flocking to it.

The only problem: It’s based in India and probably run by some guy named Patel.

I could almost agree with Lou, it’s getting really complicated out there.

And maybe somebody should do something to clear up the mess.

I mean I can understand why people want them to go back.

Especially bus owners. My God, it would take about around 150, 000 buses to do the job
And the oil usage would set off an inflationary binge.

But what the hey, so what nobody picks the crops in the field, it’s about time we got off toxic greens anyway.

This is beginning to sound like a Woody Alan movie.

Les Aaron.


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