Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Clinton Mantra:

What is Hillary all about?

We have heard about all different kinds of Hillarys. There is the whiner who claimes that the media and the candidates have been picking on her because she is a woman. We have heard about the sensitive politician who worries about a woman who went in for surgery and died because she didn’t have the hundred dollars. (Later to be proven to be a misstatement of fact!) And we’ve heard about Hillary, the courageous politician who flew into a war-torn area under sniper fire.

But the truth is somewhere else. Over time, we have had a mirror into Hillary’s heart and soul and discover that Hillary is a fighter who would not have a problem teaming up with an Attila who believed that if you can’t beat them, destroy them—and scatter their remains.

No fair and square for this gal....

If Barak goes down on this one, I will not forgive Hillary.

As a former Hillary fan, I feel that she and Bill, the former president, have done more to harm Obama than any other individual.

She has attacked his pastor, blaming Obama for not abandoning him and finding fault with that.

Would she have abandoned her pastor if he had said something out of line—the pastor that brought you to religion and baptized your kids? I doubt it.

She stuck Geraldine Ferraro on Obama who said that he would never have been in his position were it not for the color of his skin.

And don’t try to tell me that Geraldine wasn’t encouraged to play the race card by Hillary’s campaign staff.

She and Bill have brought up the race card and taken cheap shots at Obama and you know what, she has taken a man that had an untarnished reputation, a man who offered hope to millions, many coming to politics for the first time, and she has worked to destroy him with inflammatory and inaccurate portrayals that seem to hunger for redress..

One wonders why?

It is the only way she can differentiate herself from him because her positions on the issues will not do it for, in most cases, his positions are better than hers.

Obama didn’t vote for War in Iraq and he didn’t vote to support a non-binding resolution against Iran as she did.

And if she wants to take the credit for Clinton’s years as his number two, then she has to be credited with NAFTA. You can’t have it both ways. So she can’t run around blaming the loss of jobs on Bush alone when NAFTA provided a convenient means of shifting work outside the US.

The sad part is that we all knew that she didn’t have the votes or the delegates to win, so her tactic became destroy the opposition.

One might ask what is the real strategy in all of this.

To assure McCain that he got the election for four years and then she could run in the next election?

Surely, listening to McCain kind of parrot Hillary’s comments and attacks against Obama would seem to suggest that they are pretty much in sync about strategies to attack Obama on every level. Is that colluding with the enemy? .

It is bad enough that we have a democrat who needs to attack another democrat, but is it is patently unseemly that she feels it is necessary to conduct character assassination against Obama while praising John McCain, now the biggest flip flopper in the republican party.

What troubles me is that Obama has generated thousands of new democrats and cross over voters because he has promulgated a message of hope which has resonated with the young. He stands to change the very face of politics in this country. And that is something wonderful considering the “dirty tricks” and lack of collegiality that has suffused the halls of Congress for the last forty years!....

He has inspired many of us to think about a new kind of politics that does not grovel in the dirt, a politics that can be ennobling. .

But, like the 527’s and the “dirty tricksters,” Hillary has shown her true colors beginning with the implication that Obama is not the kind of candidate who can be trusted. Why else that 3;00 AM ad that looks more like a burglar alarm ad than anything else. That racist message was clear exacerbated by Bill’s insulting commentary about the course of the South Carolina race and his comments about Martin Luther King that were totally unworthy and did not add one iota to the debate.

Sadly, the damage seems to have been done. Our White Knight has been tarnished by dirty politics and the campaign of hope has been made to wither when it was so bright with promise….

Fear and the black issue has been raised again in the minds of blue collar workers planted there by a vicious campaign by Hillary’s campaign confederates that have continually stressed negativity in their campaign and have left destruction in their wake.
Is that the kind of person I want to have running our country?

To me, that’s no better than Bush or the other hucksters who have corrupted our Founding Fathers’ notion of what democratic government should really be about.
I want somebody I can trust in office not a dissembler who’s words need to be scrutinized before I can believe them.

The people have not been fooled. And the great communicator may have only served to rub salt into wounds opened again and again in a country that cannot seem to come together on fundamental issues like finding common ground.

It is a sad thing considering that Johnson had risked his reputation on gaining equality for minorities a half century ago.

It is sad to see that an ex-president could have found it expedient to pursue such a course for the sake of winning a primary. You might think that he could rise to the occasion and demonstrate some nobility. Instead, the Clintons, increasingly perceived as one of a kind, have taken the low road. And their dereliction, their willingness to commit character assassination not to mention ripping the party apart, has only caused them the loss of the love and admiration of former fans.

In the end, it may be the most hollow of victories!....

Les Aaron

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