Friday, April 25, 2008

Will the Party Survive?

People are starting to raise questions like
“Is the Democratic Party doomed?”

“Or is it just going through a transition?’

“Or does a tough primary make a stronger party during the Election?”

These questions are just beginning….

And they seem to reflect the lack of direction that seems to drive the party right now….

People are wondering whether the back-biting, the cheap shots scenarios will follow the candidates into the Convention.

If it does, the assembled gurus of media seem to think it may be over for the democrats.

And when asked why, they cite almost collectively the notion that “no candidate who has gone into a Convention without a nominee, has won the Election.”

As quick as one scatters to google this response, the media punjabs are onto some other subtext.

Yesterday, Chris Matthews was even praising Hillary as being, get his, “populist.”

My how things can change.

Apparently, Hillary’s claims are beginning to have an effect giving credence to the position that the more you repeat even a lie, the more people tend to believe it.

It is not as if Hillary has won a state that was heavily blue collar, uneducated and Catholic that has lost its economic base, it was more as if Hillary has accomplished the impossible.

Never mind that it was Hillary’s husband who sponsored the NAFTA bill that wound up driving many of those same kind of jobs to third world nations.

Hillary has now convinced everyone that Bill is not the only “Come back Kid.”

Her star is in the ascendancy; everyone loves her aggression and I suspect, they even forgive her her mendacity.

It is an odd confluence of things that have fallen into place as Hillary approaches the next primary with her interpretation of what her standing means….

This includes counting all of the votes in Michigan and Florida as her own even though she signed an agreement that she wouldn’t campaign in either Florida or Michigan.

Obama wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan.

In the real world however, we find a completely different story.

Obama leads in votes, delegates, and Super Delegates.

The question arises whether such tactics will woe the remaining Super Delegates.

The answer is unknown.

Most in the party wish that it was over and that they could buddy up to defeat McCain instead of digging the democrats a bigger hole.

As of now, no one has stepped forward to tell Hillary to cease and desist since there is virtually no chance that she can win.

And the side show goes on while McCain’s numbers ratchet up.

Les Aaron.

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