Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Last Hoorah!

Will it be over when it should be over?

There is widespread debate over this one issue.

On the one hand, Howard Dean wants the undecided Super Delegates to come forward and make their decision; this is after saying that there’s plenty of time between now and the Convention to arrive at a decision.

Many others want Hillary to hang on.

Her argument is that if she does well in the remaining big states, like Pennsylvania, and comes in strong in the remaining states, it will show that she is a fighter and that she has replaced Obama as the leading contender.

With such an explosive performance, she hopes to woe the outstanding Super Delegates and encourage the rest to switch their loyalty from Obama to her.

Mainly, that is wishful thinking.

It would mean that the Super Delegates would be willing to risk the ire of the voter who has given Obama the lead in delegates and votes and states won.

But here’s the conundrum.

The only way she could even accomplish the above is in one of two ways:

Showing where Obama’s policies are not as good as hers;

Or by attacking him to show his vulnerabilities.

This may explain the charges and counter charges that have emerged from the Clinton camp over the last six weeks.

The bottom line is that this strategy doesn’t seem to be working.

Instead, what it is accomplishing is ticking a lot of people off who don’t like the game playing. And it’s won candidates for McCain.

McCain up until now, has had a free ride.

If this free ride extends to the Convention, which it is likely to do whatever the outcome unless the Super Delegates and the results of the primaries to come make it a no-brainer,
This could break the Democrats up into Clinton Democrats and Obama Democrats and cut ultimately split the party.

Everyone is afraid of this prospect and they don’t even want to discuss it.

However, feelings are running high.

And Hillary is not a quitter.

Even though the numbers contradict her assertions.

Would Hillary be willing to see a break-up of the party for the sake of a Hillary win?

There are many of us former supporters who accept that premise based upon what’s gone before.

And all of this spells nothing but trouble for the future of the Party.

So far, nobody has come up with a solution that could work.

And nobody has as yet resolved what should be done about Michigan or Florida although most of the party faithful believes that they should be seated and not be punished by the failings of the party.

Many loyalists in the party have already taken sides.

And it seems that loyalties may trump logic and good sense.

As one might imagine, this is the best news that could befall the republicans considered dead as a door nail before South Carolina.

They are coming back to life.

McCain is on a par with the dems in the early polling.

Money will start rolling shortly and we will see the 527’s doing their ugly best to unseat the democratic candidate.

As it is, the positioning of a woman and/or a black as front runner presupposes that the nation has matured enough to make this a possibility.

Looking at the vitriol in the streets, it becomes the most optimistic of presumptions.

Les Aaron
The Power of One

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