Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Public's Waterboarding: The Primaries

I am not sure whether I am more exhausted from eight years of Bush or trying to survive the longest primary season on record.
This is truly a survival contest.
It is a season, when everything changed for me 180 degrees.

Judging from even the most casual conversations, I see it has changed for virtually everyone touched by the issues and the tactics…

I started out full of hope, feeling that we had the three best candidates in the world.

I was saddened by the departure of some of the others, many of whom I felt could have done a darned good job against the republican candidate.

But it just wasn’t to be.

Maybe it was the inattention that got at the debate or the dumbness of the questions, I can’t be sure. But it seemed the presumed “stars” got all the attention, and the other contenders, none.

Then I went through the whole panoply of feelings with Hillary.

She went from the presumed candidate to the candidate being picked on; never mind that she could dish it better than she got, she was still the poor female being attacked by the big bad males who were out to steal her innocence.

Those little lights started to go off.

But wait a minute, I was a supporter.

Was it me? Was I wrong? Was I too quick to critique.

After all, I realized, any democratic candidate had to be better than anything the republicans conjured up and certainly better than the last eight years…

Bill was still my guy.

That lasted all the way to South Carolina when Bill’s brain exploded.

That’s the only way I could explain it.

This was not the guy I knew after all.

Charges. Meanness. Inaccuracies of the worst kind.
This was beneath Bill. Why was he doing this?

Who was this man?

Suffice it to say, it is hard to stay neutral, at least if you crunch the numbers.

Fast forward about eight weeks.

For Hillary to win now, it would mean changing the odds by 90%.

Obama has the votes; he has the delegates.

The only way Hillary could turn that around is to show that Obama is not the guy he says he is.

And I think that would be a hard case to make because he is not playing the charge and countercharge game.

And Hillary has inherited her own mess that she has to tidy up…..

Not only does she say that she is against the Columbia Treaty, it turns out that her chief strategist is working both sides of the street. The question arises: Didn’t they know?

Why now?

Secondly, Bill can’t keep his trap shut.

He was trying to cover for Hillary’s memory lapse by saying that it was eleven oclock at night, that she brought it up once, and that if you were sixty, your mind might not be so good either—or words to that effect.

So, in one fell swoop, there goes the person answering the call at 3:00 AM who you wouldn’t be able to rely on because she’s old, it was late and her memory doesn’t work.

By the way, she didn’t mention it only once, she mentioned the story at least four times and most of it was during the day when her mind should have been working fine.

So, before you throw stones, Hillary should make sure that her own home is in order.

In the meantime, she’s been talking about Obama’s speech where he talked about people being angry and resorting to their guns and religion.

Hillary called him “elitest.”

Elitest? Hmm…. a case of the pitcher calling the kettle black?

An obvious ploy to solidify her lead among the Joe Sixpacks.

One might wonder whether any of it is necessary?

Are the Joe Sixpacks going to change their views?

These are the people defined as the least flexible, the one’s who hold to their feelings and their biases. Have they moved beyond Martin Luther King to accept the new racial attitudes of today?

I don’t know the answer to that but judging from the feedback of some of my conservative friends, I would tend to say that Obama’s reverend’s words have opened up a reservoir of strong feelings—feelings that seem to go back forever!....

Meanwhile, the race goes on, endlessly and it becomes harder and harder to stay neutral while McCain continues to cut into democratic leads with either candidate.


My guess is that most folks are simply sick of it.

I know I am.

Les Aaron

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