Saturday, October 20, 2007

From the files of the Aggressive Progressive:

It's Greek to Me....

Congress this week in the wake of many challenges has opted to give an audience to the caucus for the preservation of Ancient Greek Religion, and after their findings, are in a position to state categorically that the Persians attack on Athens was provoked and resulted in the genocide of a people during the subsequent
Peloponnesian Wars approximately 330 BCE.

The caucus reached the conclusion that the Persians were guilty of genocide at the time.

The media has repeatedly asked why it has taken nearly 3,000 years to come to that conclusion. Nancy Pelosi replied that the docket was loaded and some things simply cannot be put off and now that all Greeks will be able to enjoy their rights that were taken from them during these Wars that were instigated by the Persians without cause. They deny that at that particular time, that most Athenians were regarded as pompous and arrogant and full of their own power.

With things made right, Congress and the Executive can now get back to the more pressing issues of whether we should invade Persia. A committee of Ancient Greek philosophers have been empowered by the Executive to give objective and fair testimony in this case. According to the record, the president was heard to reply, “These guys have sold one too many carpets. They’ve been getting under my skin for six years now and that bloody little twerp is not going to embarrass me by more of his (expletive deleted) remarks!”

Les Aaron
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