Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Is the end of capitalism to own nothing?
Our policies may not seem so disturbing until you kind of categorize them.

Consider the fact that in the last five years, our government has tried to sell our seaports to the Middle East, to Sunni backed governments.

We’ve also considered selling our highways that we don’t even own to various governments. And we have extended that concept to include bridges and tunnels.

And we’ve made agreements under Fast Track that has allowed us to move sensitive jobs off-shore.

Now, we are considering allowing 3Com to sell a big chunk of the company to a Chinese company that is backed by the military which, according to experts, will allow the Chinese military to penetrate our computer defense….

When we moved away from manufacturing after being lied to that Information Age jobs will flow to the public, we found ourselves without even a machine tool industry left in the US. And without machine tools, you can’t rebuild your manufacturing sector…

In terms of export/import programs, we now principally export scrap and raw materials and agricultural products to China and import manufactured goods that are more inferior than the products we scrapped.

And we’ve been doing this while operating a deficit of over $55 billion annually although it hasn’t been fully reported.

Our Americans now have to go to an Indian company to compete for jobs in the US….

And the French sell us our water back to us.

We buy our oil from the Middle East and, thereby, help fund the War against America….

And, the final straw, trickle down economics simply trickles down to inflate the bank books of the already insanely rich. Today, the top 1 ½ % alone account for more than the bottom 40% on the economic ladder.
Stand back from these realities and ask yourself the question:

So, what’s left?

Is the reducto ad absurdium of capitalism: You sell everything, take the profits and then move to China?

Or do we still have the land to sell.

Russia is already laying claim to the Arctic

Will China be competing to buy New York.?

Will Saudi Arabia own Washington DC?.

Is this what young Americans are fighting for and dying for—a chance to live in a country owned by someone else?

I just don’t get it anymore.

Bush has inverted everything that was important in my life and for the first time caused me to believe that Americans are easily conned and without the backbone to take back our country when it’s most necessary.

When asked, our spineless politicians tell us that doing the right thing would destabilize the country, cause anguish and further polarize us as a people.

I’ve got news for you, Congress, we’ve already got that!...

Les Aaron
The Committee for Positive Change

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