Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Great Absurdist Plot—if it Weren’t Real….

Who could ever imagine that a self-created War has become the equivalent of the magicians sleight of hand to distract the audience from what his other hand is doing?

In this case, the mismanagement of the economy and the violation of the constitution to name just two.

When the audience, the voters, see the trick, undoubtedly they will roar that they have been hoodwinked, but by then the damage will be done. The pristine forests will be spoiled, various species will be weakened, the environment sacrificed to the oil gods, the economy destroyed through tax giveaways and insane policies that benefit only a few, the Constitution decimated, jobs flitted away, science denigrated and America’s advantages bargained away to fulfill the needs of his friends operating through NAFTA and for his own special interests.

Yes, we’ve been hoodwinked as we’ve thought about nothing else for the last five years but War with nation based on artifice and deception.

It is a stunning insult to the intelligence of the Ameican people that when they look beneath the smokescreen they will see that this president has made mistake after mistake in the pursuit of the war—even to the extent of losing sight of the legitimate targets—in order to take our eye of the target of maintain our freedoms and our democracy.

In the process of obfuscation, lying to us and the other deceptions, we have put this country into the worst servitude to its foreign debt holders which may eventually result in the most inconceivable of all scenarios. After eliminating manufacturing and selling our jobs off to third world nations, we now may be running a fire sale to sell the rest of it off to China and India and the rest of the world who owns 8.5 trillion dollars of our debt.

If one were trying to come up with the most absurdist and unbelievable plot for America’s future, they couldn’t have done better.

Les Aaron

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