Thursday, July 19, 2007

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I intend to send this letter via snail mail and email to the Speaker of the House along with copies to my two senators and congressman…

If you would like to add your name at the bottom and pass it on with the last person on the list sending it to me and starting over again with a cut and paste , I shall add it to my letter to the Speaker.

Les Aaron

Dear Ms. Pelosi, Speaker of the House…

Many of us in the Internet community feel that Impeachment proceedings are what’s needed at this time against both the vice president and the president for leading this country in the wrong direction, for lying to the American people, for violating the spirit and provisions of the Constitution, for the obstruction of justice, for interfering in the sentence handed down and commuting the sentence of a key White House official one must assume in order to guard oneself against indictment—a true obstruction issue, for spying on citizens without the benefit of court order, for kidnapping and torture of US citizens, and other violations of the law that meet or exceed the Constitution’s definition of crimes and misdemeanors that warrant Impeachment…

It is long past the time for action.

Your failure to act expeditiously on these grievous violations sends a message out to activists and others that, in effect, marks the democratic party as weak beyond measure and lacking the courage to perform the obligations for which you were elected.

Remember, you were elected to serve at the pleasure of the people in good times and bad.

To do any less than move forward with the Impeachment solution infers that the party is unable to fulfill its role; moreover, it would confer legitimacy on the actions of the guilty —which would resonate down through history as the democrats’ nadir, and, furthermore, imply that those violations taken by the president and the vice president are within their rights only to be passed down as precedent, whether or not they were legal and the understanding that criminal actions are criminal actions whether we ignore them or not…

This would definitely send out the wrong messages and rubber stamp the excesses, the lies, the misdeeds that have characterized our government over the last six years. A government of conscience cannot permit these violations to go unpunished under the law.

If the senior members of congress do not understand their rights under the law, I am sure that such experts as John Nichols and Bruce Fein would be pleased to educate them. Courage is another matter; you can’t find it in books.

But the important word here is “action.”

Congress must act on behalf of the people or face the challenge of being considered in support of, or participating in an illegal form of collusion opening up the democrats to downstream challenges for errant behavior when confronted with the question of the law.

There is no other way to interpret democrats unwillingness to act on behalf of their constituencies who are frustrated by the Democratic Party’s failure to do what is necessary to save democracy in the face of a consistent in your face attitude by republicans for the law and the Constitution. .

If the Democratic Party fails to act, it is not out of the range of possibility that another party will be formed in the expectation that they will be more supportive of the interests of the people. Moreover, inertia may also impel the population to stay at home during the election in the realization that both parties seem to serve the same master which is not the people of the land. If this were the case, the democratic effort to win the election may be thwarted with the democrats perceived as the dinosaurs of our age unable to win election in 75% of the attempts..

We do hope that this little reminder will help you find your core and your courage and allow you to move forward to restore America to a democracy and a government of the people in which now it is sorely deficient.

Les Aaron

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