Friday, July 13, 2007

Will Democrats stay home election day?

For those of us who are elated about Bush’s decline in the polls are we kidding ourselves?

Are we kidding ourselves for not looking at Congress’ record and the opinions of the American people as reflected in recent polls?

The 06 vote called for change.

And the people are tired to see that the newly elected democratic representatives seem unable to make it happen.

People feel let down. They do not feel as if they are being represented in Congress.

In the meantime, the president becomes more and more the loose canon, completely disconnected from reality.

One has to wonder how the president can report what he does and take his own findings seriously.

Like another dictator I'm reminded of who could not admit that he had lost his army, his people, his country.

The scenario would be laughable if it were not so sad.

If 3, 4 or 5 Americans did not lose their lives every day….

Now, the president is blaming his generals for the losses when we knew that Bush, cheney, Rumsfeld did not want to commit sufficient manpower to do the job; even if this war was justifiable which it was not!.

We are seeing report after report of inversion of the truth.

And it is being jammed down our throats as if we didn’t know who the culprits were in this fiasco.

Will America continue to put up with lies, obfuscation and smoke and mirrors for another year and a half?….

Or will we have to bite the bullet and do what we have to do to end this disastrous government and push for Impeachment.

Soon, we will not be left with another choice since we are already between a rock and a hard place with a policy that is unshifting despite the real evidence of its failure.

Meanwhile, we have lost our stature in the world and all the progress we have ever made.

It is a troubling thought coming from this Veteran knowing how many lives were sacrificed to bring us to this day of indecision.

Les Aaron

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