Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Do you hear it? Do you see it? Do you know it's coming?

I don’t get it.

All the signs are there but nothing is happening.

I would like to ask you all a very important question?

Why are we not knee deep in a revolution by now?

Slews of people are out of work….

The business owners are not sharing the benefits of higher productivity with their workers.

Health care is unaffordable.

Our credit cards are tapped out…

Our jobs are going south….

The air we breath is poisoned….

The water we drink contains dangerous heavy metals

Billions of dollars of food that is imported is tainted….

Our own foods keep going up in price

Most of us can’t afford to heat and cool our homes…

Many families’ principal wage owner has to work two jobs just to get by.

The future for our children is just as bleak…

Few can afford the high tuitions….

Many of the best jobs go to green card holders…

The other jobs go to illegal aliens….

We have become a retail nation that sells nothing that it makes…

Everything you buy falls apart…

TV decides who is elected

We have no clout with our elected officials

They simply ignore us

Fewe and fewer media giants control what we see and hear….

The media focuses on news that won’t make us feel bad

Our young people are being killed in an unjustified war…

We have no equity left in our homes…

File for bankruptcy and you still have to pay back

Our jails are run for profit…

And they are filling up….

We have more people imprisoned than any western nation….

More than sixty percent of the nation’s wealth is owned by 5% of the population…

Many executives are earning 400 times what the worker on the floor earns…

43 million of us cannot afford health care

Another 40 million of us live below the poverty line…

The government has never missed passing a promotion for Congress; but has yet to pass a decent minimum wage bill…

We live in a land where businessmen write the laws and elected officials don’t read them…

NAFTA has not worked for the American people

We have 12 to 20 million people in our country who have lied to get their documents and act as a burden on hospitals and other public services…

Our government has written off New Orleans

The lesson is clear: If anything goes wrong, you are on your own…

No Child Left Behind has left behind all those on the lowest rungs on the economic ladder

The environment is going to hell in a hand basket and our government says, “everything’s fine…”

We have a Constitution that our leaders do not respect or abide by….

If the president doesn’t like the law, he changes it….

We are rapidly becoming a two tier country that exports raw materials and imports finished goods: a Colony if you will….

Our debt is held by five nations who now own us: China, Japan, England, Saudi Arabia…

And we are supposed to sit still for this…

Darwinism suggests that when survival is not due to luck, it’s due to the organism
Effecting change.

We are the organism.

And it’s time for change.

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