Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Great Leap Backwards…

There are certain watersheds in history that bear watching for the lessons they impart.

Among those of recent origin, one certainly must consider Mao’s Great Leap Forwards and the Communist Revolution that has now morphed into today’s hybrid of Capitalistic Communism that combines Mao’s spirit with Chinese enterprise while kind of playing with your mind…

And then how can we forget the Great Leap Backwards led by the Pied Piper of Pie in the Sky,
The inheritor of A World New Order, the Compassionless Cargo Plane Cabal, the Monarchists of Myopia….who have managed to completely reverse the most positive, forward thinking nation on earth and propel us backwards in time to the Inquisition and the Dark Ages….

Fundamental to Backwardism is the predilection towards “trust me” politics where the people merely say “Bless you” as they knuckled across the frontal lobes….

We are told to “believe” because our leaders know all of the answers and not to believe is not to show faith and to be a traitor. And traitors have no place in this version of 1984 with finger screws and ‘iron maidens.’

We are told to eschew science because science is incompatible with the current level of mysticism…

We are told to turn our back on possible cures because those “cures are responsible for killing babies” even though that’s not true….

And we are told that the earth is only 6,000 years old and to ignore the evidence otherwise…

We are told that it is good to send our jobs elsewhere…..

And that it is good that we don’t make anything anymore and that other people own us.

We are told not to look behind the curtain and to keep watching our TVs and to trust our leaders to do the right thing….

As our young men and women give up their lives to perpetuate this unfortunately backwards view of the world…

But most of all, these devices are being used to distract us from America’s real mission at home and in the world. We are being kept in the dark like some Cargo cult awaiting the return of vision and the abandoned practice of “thinking,” the possible deux ex machina for our society….

We are told that the North American Alliance will be good for us even though we know otherwise….we are told that it is okay to use coal and ignore the fear-mongers….we are told that drinking water with mercury in it is okay and that global warming is a good thing…

We are told that democrats are untrustworthy and that only the lobbyists and those of the military industrial complex know what’s really good for us…

Meanwhile, those who were thought to be in the Dark Ages have leap frogged in front of us…
And the rest of us are trying to figure out what’s going on besides losing our jobs and living a lie.

In times like this, who needs Torquemada; we have our own prophets of Rightness and they are leading us down the primrose path to…. Somebody called it entropy. What does that mean….

Les Aaron

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