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Nancy was wrong!

Our officials were wrong!

OUr president and vice president have violated the responsibilities for which they were elected: To uphold the law.

This much was clear from Bill Moyer’s report on Impeachment this week past.

The fact is that as of this time, there are more than sufficient grounds for Impeachment and little is being done about it…

This was evident from the ground-breaking discussion of two Impeachment experts, one a conservative, the other a liberal, brought together by Bill Moyers for his new Friday night show on PBS.

One of the experts, John Nichols, was a former reporter for the Nation and the author of the Genius of Impeachment; the other, Bruce Fein, a Constitutional scholar under Ronald Reagan. Both held emphatically that both the president and the vice president should be Impeached under the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America for their willingness to flaunt the law and their dishonesty with the American people and that their crimes far exceeded the tests of high crimes and misdemeanors….

Moyers played the good conservative trying to find arguments against such action but it was clear that there was more than sufficient grounds for their impeachment.

Inevitably, the question arose: What are we going to do about it?

Both scholars explained that our representatives do not know the Constitution nor are they Constitutional scholars;as a result, they feel unsure as to what actions to take and lack confidence about the rights granted them under the constitution

The panelists, Bruce Fein and John Nichols were superb. They know their constitution and it was clear from their explanations and discussions.

Fein made the argument that the president and the vice president have been exhibiting patterns of behavior which makes very clear that they feel they are above the law.

The problem is that if their behavior goes unchallenged, it winds up becoming part of the bag of rights that each president tends to see as his right under the law and whether legal or not, tend to be passed along to others who seized these bogus rights as their entitlement. In effect, these violations must be dealt with if we are to return to a law abiding nation.

Moreover, most people misunderstand the rights of Impeachment and fail to realize that Impeachment was designed as a right of the American people and the means where by the country can be returned to its fundamental values. Our Founding Fathers spent endless hours arguing the powers of Impeachment and in the end, they were adopted as a safeguard against the hubris of leaders who do not feel bound by the laws of the land..

In the discussion, Moyers asked the experts whether the Scooter Libby case had aided the case for impeachment or not. They said that Madison in discussing impeachment said that Impeachment was called for if someone tried to exonerate or transmute the sentence of a witness who’s possible testimony might be harmful or injurious to him was in effect the obstruction of justice and an impeachable offense of and by itself.

Nevertheless, both constitutional scholars pointed out that there have been excessive example of both Cheney and Bush taking the law into their own hands ranging from spying, kidnapping and imprisonment of US citizens, denying them access to legal advice as provided by the constitution, eavesdropping on US Citizens without the permission of the courts, viola\ting their privacy…lying to the people, etc., etc.

The point is that there are plenty of grounds for impeachment.

Bill Moyers then brought up the position of the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, who said that Impeachment is “off the table.”

Both of them said that she is wrong!

That Impeachment proceedings should have been launched some time ago.
And that it should be moving forward.

And in this one of the scholars remarked about how the media failed in its mission to responsibly report on acts of government that went beyond the dictates of the law and could no longer be seen as the responsible Fourth Estate; therefore, it remained the obligation and responsibility of the people to exert needed pressure on their elected officials to abide by the law and act accordingly even if it was unpopular.

Les Aaron

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