Thursday, July 19, 2007

How Could Our Government Be
So Wrong About So Many Things?

It’s because our operation in Iraq is an abstraction; it has little to do, in fact, with this government’s real goals which is: To dominate and control economic resources round the world and use Iraq as the ultimate form of smoke and mirrors to distract Americans from seeing their real objectives…

Further, 9/11 gave the government the ability to do virtually anything it wanted with the exception of Martial Law to impose its own laws and aim for fulfillment of its own goals and objectives..

9/11 became a political tool that allowed the government to suspend Habeas Corpus… (After all, Lincoln did it goes the argument)… It allowed US citizens to be imprisoned and tortured, if not here, elsewhere under the rules of rendition. It allowed the government to discard the Geneva Convention. It allowed all those holding Saudi passports to return immediately without interrogation even though those who attacked the WTC held Saudi passports. It allowed the NSA to spy on US Citizens. It allowed the government to avoid and violate the Constitution. And it gave the government absolute authority to conduct war and rule absolutely.

This was possible for only one reason: We had an enemy, bin Laden of Al Qaeda. Without him, there would no longer be a threat; no longer a reason for an absolute presidency.

To mollify the citizenry and make the president appear the hero of the day, America gathered its forces and stormed into Afghanistan, all ten of them.

That was the size of the first foray into Afghanistan by the CIA.

Even the head of this group wondered why only ten men.

To give the enemy a chance to disappear intact.

For if we destroyed the enemy, we would have destroyed the reason for an imperial presidency.

Nevertheless, the result was unavoidable until it came to the last blow. With air support and the support of the Northern Alliance, the United States eventually drove out the Tailiban.

And we were in a position to take out bin Laden on more than one occasion.

But we failed to move decisively to resolve our problem the solution to which was within our grasp.

Why didn’t we take advantage of the situation to rid ourselves of the situation instead of allowing bin Laden every opportunity to escape.

This is not only my question, it is the question on the lips of many. Some who served with special forces and others who understand the power of politics and money and power. .

And I offer this answer: It was not in our interests to do so at that stage of the game.

Here’s my rationale: We were only at year two in the Bush’s presidency.

With 9/11, he had become the hero of the people whether deserved or not..

He was committed to wiping out the terrorists. An easy rationale that confers unlimited powers.

The people believed him. And they supported him.

And , objectively, nothing better could have happened to the party after twelve months of falling ratings. Up until 9/11, it looked as if nothing this president could do would reverse his falling ratings or the loss of support of the people.

The fact was that if bin Laden were wiped out, the War would be over, the threat of militant antiterrorist threat against the USwould have evaporated and the reason for Bush’s “imperial presidency” wiped out.

The president and the Party could not afford to return to business as usual without losing powers not heretofore seen in peacetime.

In viewing the practice of dictators, who seek and want power, the first dictum is to declare an enemy, preferably a vague and In powerful enemy that cannot be easily defeated but who provides an excuse for an abnormal grasp of power not heretofore seen in representative government. It is no exaggeration to suggest that everyone played their role and fell into place, including the people who were frightened by an invasion of our country, the media who failed to perform its role and the opposition party who operated in lockstep to support the unnatural powers that the Executive assumed in order to keep the enemy from our gates. That we were so easily victimized is no endorsement of our insight, our intellect or our judgment and it showed how quickly we can become politicized with few whose vision could penetrate the haze and artifice..

These are the kind of powers that were absorbed here for ostensibly the same reasons.

If the War were over, it would be back to falling ratings and a president who was human and did not display superhuman qualities.

We could not afford to destroy bin Laden at that time.

As a result, eventually realizing that the target could not be identified and isolated but had to be vague and generalized if the president were to retain his powers, those powers invested in him by the people.

Now, with the president’s tenure coming to an end, killing bin Laden would point a way to empower the Republican party, reminding the people that it was the Republican party who in the end did what it set out to do.

It is a sad legacy of this party that whatever they do, they will never be able to erase the record that describes their unwillingness to challenge the distortions, the lies, and the obfuscations, in the exercise of power undertaken by this government and their own party.

It has been a long and uncomfortable ride from pretense to lies to smoke and mirrors.
It has been a dispiriting one as well with an intransigent arrogant leadership that believes it is alright to rule by Divine Right, dismantle the laws of the land and do whatever you like as long as God and the people are on your side.

Well, the people are not falling for it anymore and pretty soon they will latch on to the logic of using lies, distraction and distortion to rule by fiat.

It is not working anymore.

And Bush and his acolytes, supporters and those who stubbornly cling to their own erroneous thinking seem to be the last to realize it.

Les aaron

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