Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Other Option:

The Option We Dare Not Consider.

Outraged yet?

Try this:

Here’s something to think about that will really stir the pot.

Let’s begin by asking a few questions:

Who got the attention at the debates?.

Who got cut out (not enough questions? Not enough time allocated)?

Who is really running things?

The people? Or the Media?….Or Big Brother government? Or the Military Industrial Complex through its influence peddling and money to candidates?

Who had the most to gain by pushing Obama and Hillary?

Maybe we’re being played like a fiddle.

Big business interests who are way ahead of us in “selecting” candidates and letting us think we’re doing it….

Did you ever think of that?

Maybe the numbers tell us that the nation isn't ready for radical change.

That the nation is not mature enough to invite an African-American or a woman to the table,

There is another option.

We can change the table while we still can.

Why beat our heads against the wall?

If the nation wants experience, let’s give it to them.

Maybe we could invite Dodd and Biden to split the ticket.

Neither got a fair chance to make their case.

And I don't know of too many who don't like them.

And if you're going to talk about experience, who has more....

That would end all of this bickering about pastors and experience and wipe the slate clean.

And what the Hell have the Democratic panjandrums done to make the party look intelligent and coherent.


Yes, I'm still for Obama, but I don't know if he can win at this point; and I doubt Hillary with her high negatives would produce anything but a laugh from the republicans.

The point is I want to win this one.

And if Obama and Hillary can't, bring on those who never got equal opportunity at the debates.

Bring on Dodd and Biden and save a place for Richardson and Edwards.

What do you say?

Radical thinking for radical times…

Les Aaron

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