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bin Laden: The key to Bush's survival...

Whoever bin Laden is, historians might think of him someday as the “great enabler” for without him, Bush would have had a far different future.

A future that would not allowed him to consolidate the kind of power and abuse the rights ceded him under the Constitution.

In case you forgot, before bin Laden shook our world, Bush was headed down like a rocket in the polls; nothing he could do was right. And the future looked, dire indeed for the great compassionate “healer.”

Historically, you would have to go far back in the historical record to find a president who tanked so early in his administration.

People were feeling disabused by his economic policy, by his obvious disdain for the issues that were troubling to Americans. Many felt that in his promulgation of cowboy politics, he had used up his good will.

And there was little positive that could be said about an Administration that seemed to be able to do little right.

Clearly, if a bin Laden didn’t exist, he would have to be invented something like the mythic warlord who was imagined to save the Holy Roman Empire against the forces of the east. . He was both the angel of death for many Americans and at the same time, the deux ex machine for the Bush administration.

And while tough man Bush, the pseudo cowboy was running all over Creation trying to hide, he came out the White Knight in or around the middle of September when he resurfaced.

Sure, it was easy to talk tough then.

The destruction had been done. And the enemy was no longer a threat.

For the first time, on Sept 11 nobody knew what they were doing even though rules were in place for attacks on government. Including the organization conceived for the purpose of keeping us safe, NORAD and our best planners—even though they had been designing programs to save Americans from enemy harm since the end of WWII. Moreover despite the comments of Condolezza Rice about who could imagine such tactics, the fact was that we had plenty of advance warning with the attempted hijackings of airliners and Arab students enrolled in flight schools all over the country not to mention NORAD’s own simulated hijacking by terrorists less than a year before…..

We couldn’t even find a couple of jets anywhere close to New York to buzz the culprits.

In the meantime, Cheney, the new Doctor Sylvania, told us not to worry because he was in charge somewhere underground presumably near Hades.

Many wondered whether what we were witnessing was the equivalent of the burning of the Reichstag in anticipation of what lay ahead.

And when you look back upon abuse after abuse, it does seem that September 11 was America’s Crystalnacht…

At the point, Herr Bush could do what he wanted. If he asked the rest of the country to take eighteen umbrella steps, and ten giant steps and then fall down and say, “Heil, Bush” he could have gotten away with it.

The fact that Bush & Company took advantage of was that the whole country was paralyzed.

Bush could have moved into Afghanistan in force and eliminated the problem of bin Laden on Day One…but he chose not to.


Because bin Laden was, in effect, we must conclude the instrument of his own survival….

Despite all of the cowboy rhetoric, he moved in a giant force of fewer than 12 Special Ops troops…

And we waited months before we could mobilize the forces of the Northern Alliance sufficiently to have them do our heavy lifting for us.

Even after driving bin Laden into the mountainous regions bordering Pakistan, we could not bring it upon ourselves to assign the 24th Mountain Division to specifically targeting bin Laden.

Even that mission was outsourced.

Why? That was the question on every Special Ops officers’ mind in those days not to mention their CIA advisers…

Then next we learn it is not bin Laden we should focus on but Iraq where the true culprits resided….even though it was highly unlikely that Saddam would even sit down and have a cup of tea with bin Laden.

Therefore, presto/chango, in the world of smoke and mirrors, the operative word became WMD.

And, not surprisingly, when Ambassador Wilson pulled that rug out from under Bush, he vowed to get even by ‘outing’ Valerie Plame, his wife and a CIA Station Chief.

It was becoming clearer each and every day how this cabal worked and what we were seeing was not pretty.

Yet,the Republicans stood firm behind their White Knight hero who after hearing voices was ready to ride out and start the last chapter of Prophecy….

In the meantime, he had carte blanche to bleed this country dry.

Want to market your new weapons system even though we didn’t need anything new, you got it.

Want to triple the original cost you asked for, no problem.

Want to know why? Consider the fact that daddy sat on the board of a company that made money from defense contractors dealing on inside information….a board of directors that also included our enemies who sent money to support terrorist causes.

Sure, no one will ever admit to that truth except a couple of hundred years from now, someone is going to uncover the truth during Neil Bush’s son’s presidency when the truth will be reinvented for the future to make it seem like good Ole’ George saved the day for Americans by his brilliant handling of 9/11.

And if Neil’s PR firm really wants to push it, they can also point to all the revised textbooks that show the brilliant handling of Katrina under the people’s party of George W. Bush.

It’s amazing how easy with our short memories it is possible to reinvent the past to suit our own purposes…

And if the ground rocks, it’s only because the Founding Fathers are not at peace seeing their democracy so badly treated and the lies gushing forth like a waterfall…..

Les Aaron

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