Friday, August 03, 2007


Hey, Mr., Wanna’ Buy a Bridge?...

Bush seems to think that States should take responsibility for infrastructure; not the Federal Government..

Seems a little inconsistent with US policy. Consider the history of all these bridges and tunnels.

In fact, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to remind King George that the idea of a national highway system—including bridges and tunnels—was pushed through by a Republican administration under president Eisenhower.

At the time, the rationale for building a national transportation system was motivated by the security needs of the country.

Until then, there was no way to ship missiles and other large weaponry across country in case say the Japanese invaded San Francisco.

When the highway system was completed in the late 40’s, shippers and manufacturers discovered a collateral benefit: it was now possible to move all kinds of products all around the country faster by truck. And there was a big pay-off for government. Business boomed and he government had more tax revenues than it knew what to do with. I mean just imagine life without UPS or FedEx…The government should keep that in mind when they talk about the imaginery benefits of of smaller government. Or if they are really having memory loss, we should remind them about what the GI Bill did for the economy....and have the government got to be the biggest economic power.

Now, government seems to forget the old adage that if you build it, you’re responsible for it….

And get this: Our government though it doesn’t claim ownership of these assets, now wants to sell them to the highest bidder.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to fathom how republican government could have gone from this big push on an national highway system to saying go take care of your own bridges.

Is that before or after we sell them?.

What’s more, we’re now privy to that dirty little secret that 70,00 of them may b falling apart.

One wonders whether anyone would buy them unless it was for scrap to be turned into toys painted with led for our kids…

Considering that Minnesota rates very high compared to the rest of the country, we wonder if its even a good deal. Maybe, they should consider doing a little marketing, like a “two-fer” to bolster interest.

Odd behavior for a country that claims to be a Superpower…

And likes to throw its weight around….

Something like the tough looking Trojan horse that’s empty inside…

Well, maybe it will turn into a blessing. Fewer bridges means less crowding on the roads and less money spent for gasoline which should tick off some of our Arab friends…

The whole thing makes you wonder.

Les Aaron
Author of Hubgram

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