Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jeremy Bentham, Drop Dead. It's Now About Making the Rich Richer!

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Those who thing Bush is stupid, just haven't caught on...

I think a lot of people get it wrong when they accuse Bush & Company of being stupid and wrong most of the time. That would be true if we were looking for outcomes that were beneficial to mankind. The Bentham philosophy of the 'greatest good for the greatest number." But it has nothing to do with that.

Good never enters into the equation. What it's really about is leverage, power and profits.

Their agenda is personal and it has to do with self-aggrandizement. . To keep their friends in armaments fat and happy with big contracts. To reward their friends in insurance and the black arts. To give back to the PMA who fills their coffers.while they rape the people.

To reward the media so that they will do their dirty work.

To have their own people in place in off-shore adventures that turn taxes into profits, not for us but for them.

Carlyle is not an aberration; it is one of the most successful companies on the planet. It is underwritten by the Saudis and everyone makes money off of inside information.

This is not stupid but it does not benefit you or me.

The Bushian agenda always lies beneath the surface and you have to think in terms of motives; but once you do, it becomes very clear that Bush & Company does not give one whit about what happens to democracy, the Constitution, New Orleans, the people. It only cares about it’s own agendas and self preservation.

If we think otherwise, we simply miss the point.

If you want to understand the Bushian view, you learn quickly that it has nothing to do with doing what's right for man and society and the planet; but, in reality, it is not even part of their thinking. The Bushian view is a selfish view of the world that has everything to do with taking care of Number 1 and doing the best one can to ignore the plight of the uneducated, the disadvantaged, the ill and the needy.

There is another aspect to their agenda that deals with the New World Order.

The New World Order is shaping up to be an economic vision that has it that a few people will control all assets and the world reinforced by sheer power. . That is their economic view and it seems to be playing out.

So what if people pay 5.00 a gallon; it only means more profits for them and their friends.

They also recognize the limitations of bringing them to justice and plays off the idea that a good offense is a good defense.

Meantime, they are racking it in hand over fist.

And the great minds and the great people stand silent.

It is okay that the Constitution has been back burnered.

It is okay that the law and democracy has been put on hold.

It’s okay that the Executive has gathered all the powers to do precisely as it pleases.

Based on what has happened, the fear mongering, the suspension of liberties and freedoms, the tendency to make laws in a vacuum, the power grabs, the willingness to make policy behind closed doors….the increasing control and manipulation of the media, the inchoate fear of terrorism that is propagated endlessly are all manifestations of tyranny, not democracy.

And it has happened in a bloodless take over.

Shame on us.

We the victims who go silently to the showers!...

Who is left to challenge them? Who is going to bring them to justice? They have such unbelievable chutzpah. That they are virtually daring us to take them on. In the meantime, like deadly parasites, they bleed our country dry at every turn and smirk at our inability to remove them from the plunder and lying game.

It is very clear that we lack the will and the means for their removal without turning government upside down and we don't seem willing to take on the task.

Surprisingly, there is less courage now in the halls of Congress, the media or anywhere to confront them and bring them down.

So, unlike in the Parliamentary system where this could never happen, we go on about our lives in quiet desparation.

It is so dehumanizing, discouraging and has had the direct effect of shedding all of my faith in American democracy.

You cannot help but read about our Founders and not feel heart broken.

Les Aaron


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