Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Hillary, please don't speak for me...

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Dear Hillary:

I hate to tell you this when you speak for me or the great body of American voters, you should get it right. Sorry, Hillary, I don’t really believe that we are safer since 911 (if you read my book, you would know that and know why.)

In fact, I feel a lot less safe knowing that my future is in the hands of a bumbler and a fumbler who doesn’t tell the truth and hasn’t from day one. This man who hears God’s voice and talks compassion, has shown very little of it as Governor, Manager and now, president.

For the last time, the Iraqis were not involved in 9/11 so I don’t know how what’s transpired has made us one iota safer.

In fact, if anything, Al Qaeda has been able to stick its nose in Iraq whereas it never would have gotten close if Saddam was still around. So you forced an exchange, Mr. Thief Executive, between a tyrant and a terrorist.

Now, Al Qaeda is learning all of our weaknesses and using them against us to blow us up in Baghdad and throughout Iraq. The argument that if we don’t stop them “here” in Iraq, they will come to America is growing kind of tired—no matter how many times you or McCain repeat it.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you’re engaged in a civil war, you should know better than getting us in the middle of it. Nobody wins; especially us! All we’re doing is showing that we don’t hav e the smarts to get out while we can. And all we will have to show for stubbornness is more dead troops.

So, Hillary, how can you say we’re safer. Perhaps you talking in some metaphysical, abstract Zen way?

I don’t know.

I know our first responders still can’t communicate with each other.

I know the borders are not safer.

I know that the crisis areas in this country have not been made safer.

I know most of our National Guard is in Iraq so I don’t know how that makes us safer.

I know that the hospitals are still not equipped to handle a massive influx of disease. Does that make us safer? .

I know somebody could still knock out the big Exxon tanks and chemical plants in Elizabeth and kill hundreds of thousands of people in and around New York and nobody’s doing anything about it…That sure doesn’t feel safer to me.

I know that you can still drive across the Canadian border carrying a dangerous disease…

Or maybe a dirty bomb….

I know that the ports are not safer…

I know that we don’t inspect every shipping container; in fact, we don’t inspect most of the containers…

And when they push through the Mexican, Canadian Partnership, the trucks will be coming over in droves, who will inspect those… and will this new partnership that is Bush’s New World Order going to make us safer? I think not. (If this goes through without any more talk than I’ve seen, I am selling my US bonds!)

We have forty investigative agencies now under Homeland Security and that doesn’t make me feel safer…because they still can’t get their collective acts together and because they still don’t talk to each other.

But what really doesn’t make me feel safe at all is the fact that we have still not been honest about what really happened on 9/11. Why couldn’t NORAD get its planes over DC? Why the Saudis disappeared the next day? Why the president sat on his duff for nearly twenty minutes without doing a thing? Why was Rumsfeld out of touch when he was supposed to be protecting this country? Why we couldn’t we nail bin Laden when we knew where he was? Why we sent in only a Special Forces team instead of everything we had to do the job?

Don’t get me started here.

To feel safer, I would like to know why the Saudis underwrite the Carlyle Group which buys American defense contractors who magically wind up with big contracts before they sell them again. To feel safer, I would like to know that our country is in good hands and sound decisions are being made. Why do we need two hundred million dollar fighters when we don’t have a threat to our F18’s and 19’s. I would feel a lot safer knowing that in addition to our new bombs that can blow up a six football fields of tanks, we can also provide decent armor and transportation for our young troopers.

And I would feel a lot safer if I knew that Cheney’s old company was organized enough to know what it did with 9 BILLION dollars from American tax payers….

I’ve only scratched the surface here, Hillary, but if you want to speak for me, you should know how I really feel.

Most of all, the last person in the world you should give credit to is the man who has stolen our freedoms, isolated us in the world, ignored global warming and exported our jobs and attempted to kill off the middle class.

Either that, or next time, when you want to distort the truth, make sure that you tell everyone that you are speaking for yourself.


I do think you’re a pretty damn good candidate though.
Maybe not my first choice, but I know you have the smarts; now if you only show your gumption…

Les Aaron


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