Monday, November 28, 2005

Is it A Bushian Quirk That There's No Work? Or is there a Tonic for a Need so Chronic?

Oh Where Oh Where
Can my next job be?
Is it close to you
Or nearer to me?

Is it in technology
Or gynocology
Does it involve my
Or rather my behind?

Will it be important
Or minor
Or crude
Or finer?

Will it test my mettle
Or will I have to settle
Will it force me to think
Or possibly wear pink?

Will it be serious
Or silly
Or just something
relatively willy-nilly

Will it make me proud
Or just a bit loud
Will it heighten my spirits
Or nothing near it?

Will I tell all my friends
Or willmy relationships end
Will I tell all the rest
Or will they think me a pest?

It's hard to say
What I'll find today
Maybe I won't find a thing
Or maybe after this--
I'll just want to sing

I never thought
it would be such an ordeal
At times
I doubt it really is real!

I thought I might found
a job rather soon
If I took the train
All the way to Rangoon...

I knew I could work
If I didn't mind
going overseas and
becoming a Turk

It won't be long
I hesitate
That work will mean
YOu emigrate

Talking in some foreign tongue
May not exactly keep you young
But it will pay the rent
even if you're living in Tashkent...

So, be humble and willing
And you may make a killing
Not here!...But there
10,000 miles from Delaware...

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At 6:17 PM , Blogger A Christian Prophet said...

Very nice! The Holy Spirit's message on The Christian Prophet blog is that borders themselves are illegal, and the problem is not borders but the welfare state.


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