Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Girding Up the Terrorists...


We've got a solution for that crap that they're sending out to our GI's.
And I think you'll agree.

Check this out.

Here's the skinny: Me and my old Veteran buddy were bemoaning the crappy defective armor that was just being recalled. And we wondered how many GI's were wounded unnecessarily because the richest country in the world couldn't protect its own...

Yeah, there were reasons. But they didn't hold up!...

We talked about the fact that many of our military suppliers acquired each other or merged. And there were too few sources for good military hardware these days. Well, you know how one thing leads to another.

So, now we are stuck with thousands of vests that give an illusion of protection which was surely worse than no protection whatsoever. At least, without protection, you tended to be more vigilant. However, with protection that doesn't work, you might be inclined to take unnecessary chances figuring that you were protected. . It reminded me of the Lakota tribes who believed that their dances would render them invisible before the Army wiped them out.

It was troubling. Then my friend had the best idea of all: "Hey, we can turn this from a route into a plus," he suggested.

"How?", I inquired.

"We ship the vests to the terrorists!"

You had to know this guy was a New Yorker. Who else would think up such a crazy solution.

So, now we are going out to raise money to provide bulletproof protection for the terrorists. We will probably have to advertise but it will be worth it to get all of these terrorists outfitted in our defective armor vests. Then our guys will be able to pick them off like turkeys which they are anyway.
And we will have made our flawed investment pay off bigtime. What do you think?

Who said Americans weren't inventive?

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