Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Don't Bite The Blog That Feeds You...

Here's something interesting for my friends.

Do you know when you use Google, it does not end there.

No, sad to say, Google keeps your search.

And after twenty, thirty, three hundred searches, they pretty well know what makes you tick.
And they keep that data.

What do you think they might do with it.

Market it? Beware, the folks at Google are no slouches.

They are so far beyond Gates you can't even compare one with the other.

And Google has its eye on the future.

Think about it. if you tend to look up medical diseases, they might send that info to an insurance company or even your insurance company for a fee.

Or let's say, you're always going to new employment sites. Wouldn't an employer be interested in that.

The possibilities are endless. And they begin and end with you.

I remember back in the sixties when IBM entertained the idea of computerizing all of the auto records in New Haven. The back-lash was deafening.

Now, everyone is compliant and don't seem to care.

But for the marketers, man, they could face a bonanza with your information....

Think about it.

Keep that in mind the next time you decide to do a search.

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