Monday, June 23, 2008

“Those Who Can’t Get Over It…”

This weekend, I went to see our old friends from the company Rose retired from.

These are a group of people that we not only worked with but have become dear friends who we see socially and for whom we would do anything.

Anyway, we seldom talk politics but this weekend was the exception.

One of the gals in the group has a new boyfriend and his views, which he didn't mind expressing,are extreme to the rest of us, a balanced group of both democrats and republicans.

He slams Americans because he believes Islam hates us and would destroy us if possible. He also believed that Obama is a Muslim.

Him we could ignore.

But then his girl friend, one of the inner circle said that she was a Hillary supporter and she would sooner vote for McCain than Obama.

To me, I was shocked and I wondered how many women out there felt the same way.

It is hard to integrate that great leap of thought if you are well balanced and unbiased and can handle the truth.

The facts were simple: Obama won fair and square because Hillary didn’t know how to handle the caucuses. And in those states that Hillary won, many of us were left wondering what won’t Hillary say or do to win.

I was a Hillary supporter but I backed away knowing that I could never support anyone who’s vision seemed to be blurred by self interest. Why would I not believe that she could interpret everything though a distorted lens?

In any event, what galls and infuriates me is that McCain is the polar opposite of Obama and Obama and Hillary were virtually identical on most issues.

That leads me to believe that my friend is not thinking clearly or totally biased something that is very troublesome to me who stood by her side during her despair when her first husband died and through other personal travails. We will work with her to help her see the light. We will not give up on her.

This won’t ruin our relationship but it does make me wonder how many are suffering similar delusions. And could the democrats face loss and ruin because not enough Americans are willing to lay their prejudices aside?

Les Aaron

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