Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Care and Feeding of the Enemy.

Two questions: How do you make a McCain republican?

Answer: You hide behind a rock and ask them three questions:

“What is your name?”, “What is your party affiliation?” And “What is your issue?”

And if he replies “I dunno” run out from behind the rock and hit him in the head with a soft brick. .

Question Two:

If you were a McCain republican, what would be the absolutely best news you could have right now?

That’s easy:

To learn that the Democrats are scrambling to see who can be nastiest .

That seems to reflect the truth at this point in time.

Democrats are attacking each other and Republicans are loving it to death.

If the democrats really wanted to, they could set a new high for hubris.

Half the democrats elected a candidate; and the other half don’t want him. You guess who….

Point in fact, McCain can literally sit on his butt and rave on since the democrats are likely to do all the work of self-destruction themselves.

We are talented that way.

The man who has no following might actually win in this climate of default.

Let me take a step back, it’s not that he has no following; it’s just that his following is shrinking in total brain cells; so that is always misleading.

We’re not totaling IQ’s here but just counting those who don’t have enough sense to figure anything out. Still, there’s a large chunk of followers who will follow Bush right off the cliff..

Even better than 2004 when self-professed values of the right seemed to carry the day and there was no need to talk about all the failures of the Bush team.

As long as this mood is hanging over our heads, the republicans need to do nothing to explain why the War was not won despite the expenditure of a trillion dollars, why bin Laden appears stronger than ever….why there are one million plus mortgage holders facing the loss of their homes…..why people cannot afford to commute to work…..why jobs are fleeing our shores….why our schools are crumbling and so much more…

To our friend who says, “duh! I don’t know” welcome to the McCain camp and remember your brain dead vote counts just like a real vote…

The way things are going, McCain may waltz himself into the White House without having to do much more than stick to his story of another hundred years in Iraq and that he doesn’t know a damn thing about the economy….

Now, a vote for the cast of the Living Dead….

The Armchair Curmudgeon,
Les Aaron

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