Monday, June 16, 2008

Battling Dead Horses!....

We’ve won, the primaries at least.

Shouldn’t we be celebrating.

Instead, we are still at each other’s throats.

What worries me is that there seem to be as many different types of democrats as there are democrats.

And that is frightening.

Democrats seem to be grouping in camps; not unlike all of the nationalistic segments we saw with the Rainbow Coalition.

But this is different.

Here we’re seeing groups set up to reflect special prejudices and biases….

Some are threatening not to vote for Obama because he’s an elitest; he’s black; he’s got a crazy pastor (never mind, that he left the church a month ago!), that he doesn’t wear an American flag pin, you name it. Almost any reason will do to reinforce one’s prejudices….

Others, especially women, are up in arms about the fact that Hillary didn’t win and that the entire world treated her unfairly; never mind how she treated others. But when you are confronted with disappointed zealots who’ve been carrying their baggage for as long as anyone can imagine, one suspects that there are reasons why objectivity may not appeal to them.

What’s especially troubling is that dems are so busy blaming each other for what is going wrong, or has gone wrong in the Primary, they don’t realize that we are playing into the hands of the Republican party that stands to gain by doing nothing, promising nothing to help the people.

It would indeed be a tragedy if this scenario plays out and that a scenario might play out that was totally unexpected just six months ago when collegiality seemed to rule the day and all was sweetness and light. At first, we thought that these two could find a way to transform a republican world of selfishness, dishonesty and ego-centricity into one of hope and purpose..

Boy, where we wrong.

Goodness and light has morphed into I’d like to tear your eyes out..

McCain must be drooling into his pablum with the continuing hostilities that plague the democrats. What better news could he hear?

The sad part, in the midst of all this, the issues are suffering the most.

With five months, more or less, left before we cast our votes, the issues have taken back seat to feverish dialogues debating who said this, who did what, why a woman is best-suited to run the country.

Wake up, America!

The Primaries are over. Whether you like it or not, we have a candidate.

And it would be nice if the party came together in some kind of cohesive movement before the election.

Sadly, the job to be done is monumental at the very least.

Obama, not only has to address the fact that few really know him or what he stands for, he also has to focus on the principal issues that define our society and our place in the world including all of the tangential issues that describe what we want to be and how we get there, he needs to provide answers to the following challenges….

The schools are in a shambles.

40 million people are without healthcare.

We are rapidly becoming a two tier society

Most people can’t afford the commute to work

Over 1 million homes are in foreclosure

Jobs are fleeing our shores

And we have simply ignored the challenges of Global Warming

And that’s without even mentioning Iraq

Instead, we are focusing on mundane trivialities. What did Obama’s wife say?; What’s going to happen to Hillary’s career.

The economy is not being addressed; nor are the solutions for the War of Choice that plagues us all but especially the 1% of the population who are actually doing the suffering and the bleeding.

Bush and his cronies, after destroying the environment, ruining the budget, neglecting the environment, stealing left and right to push through their Iraqi objectives will more than likely go free and be able to take that high level college advisory job or be a consultant to Arab nations for tons of bucks and justice will not be served—a lesson not lost on young impressionistic minds. What’s more, they are likely to come out of this revitalized and mesmerized by democrat’s stupidity.

You see, crime does pay, is the mantra will all know by heart.

In a country that makes capitalism and money the measure of who is better or even best, this can not go down well among those who have committed to justice and fair play.

In the meantime, the rest of us struggle to get through this Election in one piece with our values intact and some semblance of rationality—not easy to do with the strong feelings evidenced in the field.

It is time, however, to put all of the pettiness and biases aside for the sake of the country.

And the time is running short.

It’s up to the wisest among us to pave the way if we hope for victory this November.

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