Friday, July 27, 2007

9/11 Review…

We are about a month and a half away from the anniversary of 9/11.

The Director of Homeland Security tells us that he has a gut reaction that we are going to be attacked again….

And that seems a good reason to question whether over the last half-dozen years we have attended to all our security and protection needs.

Books have been written on the subject and they are mostly critical of our progress in this vital area; yet, by ignoring the issues, or ‘ducking it,’ our government gets to push the entire subject off on the next administration…

Nevertheless, inertia for change will only be propelled if we the people are persistent in our demands.

This begins with our own survey….

How much better off are we now than we were on 9/11?

Are our borders any safer?

Are our first responders better prepared?

Better equipped?

Are our ports safer in 2007 than they were in 2001?

Are we doing a better job of inspecting containers?

Are we doing a better job of identifying those who are in the US illegally

Are airport staff better trained and equipped to identify prospective terrorists

What would happen if a dirty bomb were set off on 42nd street in New York City?

What would happen if an explosive device targeted the Windsor-Detroit bridge?

According to the Center for Disease Control, the US does not have the current capacity to accommodate a biological attack. What have we done in the last four years to improve that condition….

We understand that the US Government has a plan to sequester or isolate those who have contracted a major disease. Why have those plans not been more transparent and made available to the people?

Why do we such limited supplies of protective gear?

Why do we have such limited supplies of antivirus vaccines on hand considering how much we are spending…

Ask yourselves these questions and pass them along. I will send your responses to the Speaker of the House and others in Congress including the Democratic Leadership Committee. And be sure to send your own questionnaire to your reps as well.

Together, maybe we can make a difference….

And as we approach this symbolic date and face an upcoming election, it is time we gave this subject the attention it deserves…

Be well. And keep the pressure on…

Les Aaron
The Armchair Curmudgeon

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