Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Downside of Technology...

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Technology’s down side

You see this great ad for the perfect job.
What do you do?
You send a resume?
Wrong. This is 2047….You simply go to the bathroom, swab your mouth
and send it via the computer.


Maybe not. Most of these building blocks are already in place.

And commercial applications of DNA sleuthing may be the next big thing.

As of now, all that is the genetic profile of the perfect worker, but most assuredly that will be in place if there is enough of a demand for it.

That may, in fact, be the killer ap

Imagine, a prospective employer gets your DNA swab and has everything he needs to know about your qualifications. Whether you have a police record or have been implicated in a crime. Whether you will last long enough to fulfill your employment contract and with the last piece—yet to be realized—how you match up genetically with all of those who have succeeded in the position that you are vying for.


You betcha! But anyone who thinks this won’t happen is blowing smoke.

This is what you don’t hear too much about: The downside of technology.

When technology clashes with privacy and other freedoms, the track record seems to indicate that Technology wins every time.

Something to think about now that we have established precedent for allowing the president and his snoops to poke into your personal records and listen to your phone calls.

Les Aaron
The Armchair Curmudgeon.


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