Wednesday, May 30, 2007

"Monarchs, Bees, and Whales..."

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What two hump back whales have to do with us?.

About the same thing as mutated frogs, disappearing bees and dying monarchs.

Last night that moron on NBC talked about the hump back whales who lost their way. He talked about all the people who applauded when they saw the poor creatures so imperilled surface for a second probably scared to death. This is not spectacle; it is a warning! And NBC totally missed the point. They should have instead been addressing the Navy's deep sea lines that confuse the whales or pollutants that have practically wiped out various categories of whales and our dumping of toxins in the breeding grounds of krill, what most whales fill themselves on.

When whales start acting strangely, it is upsetting enough. When their ranks are joined by dying MOnarchs killed by man's manipulation of food stocks, when mutated frogs grow extra legs and heads, it's a signal that we need to start paying attention immediately to what we are doing.

Looking the other way so that the president's friends can make profits is not the solution, it is the problem....

In fact, it's mind boggling to think that we make no connections to these phenomena and assume that what is happening is part of the natural order of things.

One has to be literally blind, deaf and dumb not to make these connections.

So then why is there no outcry.

Why aren't people coming together to communicate the challenges we face. Where is the scientific community. Do they all work for the government; are they all afraid for their jobs?

Does this mean that the Creationists hold sway in Washington and there truths are not our truths?

Or is this just too insignificant to even address when there is oil to seize and assets to plunder.

For the remaining rational people, the question is "What's next?"....

Will all the bees have gone before the Election.

Pity!....Since they fertilize about 60% of what we eat...

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