Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Nightmare Team

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The nightmare team.

You’ve heard of a dream team; we have just the opposite.

Just take a look at our senior negotiators: Cheney who never saw a liberal he didn't want to shoot. Rice, whose answer no matter what the question is always, "no," a PhD with the imagination and vision of a flea. She should have stayed in school although I'd hate to think of all the young minds she would ruin. Bush who’s not happy unless he's playing his tough cowboy role or cutting down brush and imagining its bin Laden. Bolton, the original angry man, would have his face fall off if he ever smiled. this is the cast of characters; no wonder everyone in the world hates us including our former friends.

Now, we are facing a really tricky scenario in Iran and we have nobody who knows how, or really cares, to play the game. Nobody on our side has seemingly connected the dots; otherwise, they wouldn't act so imbecilic. The fact of the matter is that we better start running some ads for pros with credentials in international relations.

The bottom line is that we need a high wire act to keep things cool right now. Look at the hand we’ve been dealt. We've got Russia supplying Iran with its nuclear technology and we have China who gets much needed oil from Iran standing in the background. If we start to play hardball, what are they going to do. That's the sixty four dollar question and you can't find answers unless you open your mind, something that this administration is incapable of. So, where do we go from here asks the wise man?

If I were playing on the other side, I would see a stretched out Army, a lame duck president who cannot keep order in his own party and a population unhappy with every decision made in the last five years. This gives me the advantage.
I would hold my cards close to the vest and let them squirm.
And that seems to be precisely what the Iranian premier plans to do.
Who is the dummy here?

Les Aaron


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