Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Not a good idea to build your house of straw
When the prosecutor tells you he is going to 'huff' and 'puff.'

Look at these politicos bleating about religion and values!

Every day, another indictment is handed down.

Now, Michael Scanlon, the associate of Jack Abramoff is going to testify. Not from altruism, of course, but to get a lighter sentence. You remember Abramoff? He was the associate of the previously indicted Majority Leader, Tom the Hammer Delay. Abramoff was the friend and influence peddler who took the Indians' money--money designated for buying favor--and headed for the hills...It was the second screwing of the Native Americans in nearly two hundred years..

With friends like Abramoff, Delay, better known as “the Hammer” may find himself being nailed into a coffin of his own design.

Abramoff was indicted several months ago but now for the first time, his aide has agreed to testify against his colleagues which will be sure to implicate many others as the recipients of his and Jack's largess. And the noise surrounding this decision is already very reminiscent of the furor that accompanied the indictment of CenTrust high flyer David Paul, associated with BCCI, who was found out to have been entertaining members from both sides of the aisle.

When BCCI collapsed, the rich and powerful fell in its wake. Even now, it is rumored that our representatives are already starting to scatter like a bunch of bugs when you shine the spotlight on them.

And with good reason!

They already know that those who have received “consideration:” from Abramoff in his effort to garner favor for his clients are going to find themselves in the spotlight again.. .

As you might imagine, the payment of bribes does not yet qualify as legal even if you are first name terms with the man who speaks to God; even if you piggy back on those claiming the highest moral values.

So, all in all, it should be interesting to see if the prosecutor can huff and puff and bring their house of straw down especially to find out who will be tumbling down with it.

In the end, one might wonder how much longer this administration can keep a straight face as their house collapses on all sides.

Les Aaron
Editor, HubgramPolitics Blog Top Sites


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