Friday, November 18, 2005


It would be ironic that there might be another parallel with Vietnam in our escape from the quagmire that is Iraq. Even though they were warned against the dangers inherent in getting involved in a land war without doing your homework and understanding the culture and history of an area, this government in its total arrogance shunned the extra work which was characteristic of this commander in chief, a man who doesn't take kindly to detail or doing his homework.
But like 911, this was not something trivial or easily dismissed; yet, that's the way it was treated. It is disturbing that in an age of nuclear capability that someone can be so cavalier about the concerns and issues of technology-prone world that can be shifted out of balance in the blink of an eye.

It is incredible arrogance to think that might is the answer to all questions. We have, as you've probably observed, by-passed discussion,debate, argument, dialogue, study, analysis, and the normal ways governments and people of good will normally go about settling their affairs. No, in this government, it's my way or the high-way; not surprising coming from a petulant child who is used to getting his own way; but not the way of the president of the United States who, heretofore, tended to act with restraint befitting the great strength of his country and his reputation for judgment whomever the titular head of government.

But in the age of Bush, we hear about mysticism, and biblical entreaties, the end-of-days, superstition and belief and values entering into whatever discourse is allowed and approved for publication. It is as if the hands of the clock were being rolled back not to the Renaisance but to the dark ages when superstition and mysticism prevailed. It is though we are on the outside a Contemporary force to be reckoned with but inside we are Medieval in our thought processes. To believe that despite knowledge to the contrary, that more than half of the population believes that Saddam was somewhat responsible for 911 is more than one can digest. Further, to countenance the idea that despite everything we know, everything that we have been taught in public schools for the last century, more than half of the population believes that Evolution is a theory that does not pertain in the creation of modern man!... Today, the Dominionists grow in power, number more than 16 million advocates, have influence at pivotal points in government and have 750 trained lawyers who stand ready to defeat secularism wherever it raises its head.

These Dominionists believe in biblical interpretation and that the end will pit Islam against the forces of Christianity. It is a startling revelation for a country based on democratic tenets and the rights of man and frightening to behold considering the forces of destruction that this president controls.

If ever there was a time for Americans to speak out against this kind of religious hair shirt that America finds itself wearing and reassert its democratic initiatives, it is now. If the Dominionists have their way, we will never see a liberal or democratic government again and we will become a throw-back to the Dark Ages with only chaos, Crusades and witch-burning to look forward to. Yet to them, apocalyptic definitions and literal biblical interpretations define them. They will be happy when they see the angels riding down and tossing the rest of us into Hell.

God save us from this brew. Speak up America while we still can....

Les Aaron
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