Friday, June 06, 2008

Cutting your nose….

Hillary fans are still breathing fire!

They blame Obama for everything that went wrong in her campaign.

They blame the media for unwarranted attacks.

And they blame Obama supporters for not treating Hillary reverentially.

I think every candidate should be treated with the respect they show others….

But what is most irksome is that they are harping on one theme:

If Obama doesn’t make Hillary Vice President,
They will embargo the election or vote for McCain.

Do they realize what they are saying?

Maybe they need a few weeks to come back to earth after the high emotions of the Primary.

Would they really want to elect a man into office who would continue the policies of the last eight years? Could they even afford that luxury? After all, the only thing worse than a do-nothing president, is a president who does all the wrong things—things that imperil the nation, that jeopardize our standing in the world; that violate our ethical and moral foundation.

Is that what they want? Really?

Could we possibly afford another president who is so ego-driven, so disconnected from the real world and so determined to have his way despite the facts?

I mean it seems to me that this is a case of cutting your nose to spite your face.

I don’t care whether you loved Hillary or hated Obama, why would anyone with a micron of common sense vote in someone did nothing to help anyone but his friends—those who exacerbated all of the wrong things…. The friends who gave us all the costly new weapons we didn’t need, who caused our pharmaceutical prices to soar, who helped create the conditions that have led to out-of-sight fuel prices—prices that have been devastating for those on fixed incomes or had their jobs shipped to China. Remember NAFTA?

Can we afford to have another president who thought that the mortgage crisis—which improper regulation precipitated in the first place—was going to work out okay?
A mortgage crisis that has left more than one million homes on the foreclosure market and ruined total communities? I don’t think so..

Can we afford to have someone in office who thinks Iraq’s situation is getting better.
And in one hundred years, will be perking along! Come on, get serious! Nobody in their right mind wants a continuation of the status quo knowing that Iraq has a pro-Shiite government in place that will beat the hell out of the Sunni minority once we get out of the picture. This is after an expenditure of more than one trillion dollars? Dollars that could have been used to rebuild crumbling infrastructure in this country, hire more teachers, build more schools, improve our health care for all Americans….

Do you really want to continue such policies?

Can we afford to have in place the kind of government that thinks that diplomacy means dropping bombs without notice. This cabal in Washington, today, is above talking with other countries; you either play the game the way we want, or you’re history, brother.

This leaves us to examine the structure of government we have today. We have a Secretary of State who believes that talking with your enemy is a mistake.

A Vice President who runs his own secretive show as a fourth branch of government and thinks it’s okay. A Vice President who thinks it’s okay to get even even when it means exposing our precious overseas assets, meaning that those assets and their contacts may face death or torture?

We have a FDA chief that believes it’s okay to import products that are tainted or poisoned.

We have a Secretary of the Interior who believes that it’s okay to destroy the pristine areas and allow drilling and strip mining…

We have an OSHA secretary who believes in putting off “Clean Air” and “Clean Water” regs for another ten years….while millions more come down with cancer…

We have an Attorney General who believes that waterboarding is not torture….

A National Security Chief at Homeland Security who believes in frisking old nuns but doesn’t want to single out dark skinned men who mumble about death to all of the heathens…

We have such a great Homeland Defense that there were only 14 jets assigned to air defense on 9/11….despite the fact that Al Qaeda followers had attempted to hijack airliners through-out Southeast Asia.

And on and on.

This is the worst Cabinet in history—even if you right off Brownie for doing such an outstanding job in New Orleans…

And this is the kind of government you want to see perpetuated?

Because that is what is going to happen if you make true your threat. You will be rubber-stamping the status quo.

During the reign of Bush, we learned new terms like preemption which flouted previous accords and allows us to go to war when we please with whom we please without notice—a comforting thought!

With America and Russia holding nearly forty thousand nuclear weapons in their arsenal, is this the way to peace?

We have jettisoned habeas corpus, violated our posse comitatus agreements, tossed away privacy rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

Is this what you want?

I think if there is any hope for Hillary voters, is that they come back down to earth and start thinking rationally.

Yes, a democrat has won the primary; now, if we want to really transform the world, we have to work our backsides off to change the culture of a Washington that seems to have lost its moorings….

And without the Hillary supporters, it may not happen.

Is this something that anyone can live with?

I don’t think so.

Les Aaron

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