Friday, May 23, 2008

Politics that even an Atwater can Love...

What does anyone make out of the news coming out of CNN.

It has been reported that the reason Hillary explained for staying in the race at this late date is that Robert Kennedy was assassinated in June.

Why would anyone bring that up?

Considering that three of our brightest lights were lost to assassination?

And that America is engaged in a watershed election pitting a woman against an African-American.

Especially now, considering that the racist wound has been rubbed raw--and especially by the win at any cost Clinton team.

To even bring something like that up boggles the mind.

And is especially distasteful considering that a graduate of Wellesley should know better.

Clearly, that remark was made with intent.

What intent?

Is that supposed to be an expectation?

Is she saying something like to encourage a mindless act?

Is this wishful thinking?

Is she suggesting that Hillary voters might have to resort to horrible things to keep her in the race?

This is the purest pandering of the worst kind that amplifies all the remarks that she and her husband and her cohorts have used to diminish Obama among voters.

And it is despicable tactics to say the least.

I am disappointed that Dean did not demand a level of integrity from his candidates.

To let them swoop into the gutter only hurts all who claim to be democrats.

Does this sanction the Hillary voter to do "what it takes?"

or is it a signal that Bill is out at the gun shows shopping.

I am sorry. In my mind, this is the absolute nadir in tasteless and racist 'win at any cost campaign'..... If she is the candidate, I will vote for Nader

Put any spin you want to on this commentary, one cannot say that Hillary did not know the damage she was inflicting with this remark, or the danger it might put her opponent in, or the new low in politics that it engenders in a campaign remarkable for its gutter tactics.

Not even the republicans would stoop this low!

les Aaron

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