Thursday, July 10, 2008


Why are we so ungrateful?

Why do we see things as out of whack?

Why can we not appreciate our blessings?

Well, I guess now we know.

McCain and Company has given us all the answers we need.

We are in “mental depression, ” according to the republican pundits who know about such things.

“The trouble dear heart, is not in our stars, it is with us.”

We should have known better.

And I guess we owe an apology to the powers that be.

After all, if God didn’t want GWB in power, he would have done something
About those hanging chads….

Thanks for clearing that up.

It is not the government that needs to get straightened out, it is the American people who need to get our heads screwed back on right.

I suspect that next the Bush-McCain government will allow the GI bill to be used for our mental problems….

One wonders how we could have allowed ourselves to sink to such a level and acquire such distorted views.

Where had we gone wrong?.

Were we too questioning? Were we too mistrustful of our sacrosanct leadership?

It may take time to diagnose where so many of us could have misjudged everything so badly.

Clearly, Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld were only interested in the welfare of the people, not in their own self-aggrandizement.

Those secret oil meetings were really for our benefit…

And the snooping on our telephone calls and emails, also to help us fight terrorism.

And can you imagine if we had to fight them over here, instead of over there.

Why did we not see that?

And of course they were right to blame Sadam for being in the pocket of bin Laden.

And we were right to talk about Crusades in order to inflame the hatreds against Western Christians….

So what if we haven’t found the WMD; it doesn’t mean that they’re not there. Does it?

And we were all wrong to make such a big deal about clean air and clean water and all of that Global Warming malarkey.

I mean so what if a few species like polar bears and penguins have to go….that’s the way the world works, in cycles, don’t you see. And so what if the water levels rise.

That will only mean that more of us will have waterfront property.

Let’s dwell on the good side. Let’s get those flag buttons out, even though they’re made in China. And lets look for those photo ops so our neighbors won’t think we’re malingerers…

The real trouble is that we don’t appreciate what this government has done for us.

Therefore, I would like to propose a Government Appreciation Day…..January 20th 2012. Isn’t that the day the Mayan calendar comes to an end?

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Les Aaron
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