Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Out, out damned Spot!

This was the report on John McCain.

He has had skin cancer before and he’s being on the safe side.


This may not be anything to fool around with….

Skin cancers can be some of the most deadly forms of cancer and he shouldn’t make light of it.

I had a case of it years ago and we caught it early, I guess.

Because I’m still around.

It’s a bit embarrassing after going through Korea that I could be brought down by something so small you can’t see it.

I empathize.

So, good for you, John.

Now, with that cancer gone, maybe you can get back to thinking like a normal person and forget all that crap you’ve been dishing out.

And become a rational candidate.

I mean up to now, John, I have to admit that you’ve been scaring the Hell out of me….especially after saying that you were going to run a decent campaign without the negativity.

But John you went back on your word.

Your latest foray into the “nasties” was on exhibit for all to see yesterday.

And it makes you look like a mean-spirited little man who has trouble with the truth.

So with “spot” gone, we hope you will turn over a new leaf.

And rejoin the human race.

What do you say, buddy?

Les Aaron
The Armchair Curmudgeon

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