Friday, February 10, 2006


The Republican Lying Machine is cranking up again!

It sure has its work cut out.

Now, they're telling us that they're snooping on us for our own good!
Somehow they know but they can't tell us who they are snooping on, what methods they are using, and how they are using the results!
They admit further that they have already snooped on 5,000 of ask yourself how many does that really mean if they are willing to admit to 5,000?
It is going to be ugly watching them trying to avoid charges for violating the law of the land.
But they seem to have discovered that the best approach is to go on the offensive, they are fighting "terrorism.." which seems to be the excuse they use for everything they do that violates Constitutional Law.

Sooner or later, i suspect, it will be offered as the reason why they felt that they had to tamper with the votes to guarantee a Bush outcome; the democrats were just not patriotic enough!

No wonder George didn't feel they needed a new law to facilitate domestic spying; they were already doing whatever they wanted to do. Without oversight; without supervision; without checks and balances.

When approached about what was going on, they argued that they were in the right because Congress gave them that right when they said they could use all means to pursue the enemy...

When they were told that there was already laws in place for domestic surveilance, they claimed that they couldn't take the time to fill out the paperwork; the response, the system under which they had to operate made special concessions when time was of the essence.

Their response: They didn't even have the time for that! And they argued that they were in the right.

Ask yourself, given that perspective and the belief that you have the full support of the American people to do whatever you want to do in order to protect against terrorism, then what else are you capable of?


When you have that kind of view, you really have to ask yourself where do they end their violations. It seems that there is no end to what they can do under the conditions of the War on Terrorism (A War that never ends!) and that all American rights can be violated if one man thinks so regardless of the rules of law and the Constitution.

We already know that they have taken American citizens and on suspicion only moved them to other countries where they could be subjected to unspeakable torture. We know that the Attorney General of the land thought that torture was within the purview of this president

We already know that the policy de jour is “pre-emption” that allows us to declare war first without the need to notify our enemies in advance.

We already know that the words that this president has used to describe two countries as Evil Empires has emboldened them and set them on a collision course.

We already know that there is no justification for our being in Iraq considering that the moment we leave the odds for civil war are incalculable at this time and that all we are doing in the wake of increased hostilities is biding our time while the rest of the Arab world looks to Iraq as a training experience for their new and growing number of recruits who hate us with a passion…

With the power to create Armageddon with the touch of a button, pre-emption, a bullying attitude at the highest level, and sparks being generated around the world, these times have proven to be especially challenging.

Out of all of this, in the end, our embarrassing lack of statesmanship has signaled to the rest of the world that it is time to forge agreements and partnerships and relationships that exclude and isolate us on the world stage.

Les Aaron
The Armchair Curmudgeon
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