Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Magic Box

It Can Turn The Future Into Something Beautiful;
Or Unleash The Demons of Destruction:
The Power of the Black Box

Imagine if you could make a black box and change the world...

What if you had a little black box that you could toy with and change everything for the better.. You could have avoided the War. You could prevent for all time Arctic Drilling or despoiling the grandeur of our beautiful western vistas. YOu could end dependency on Middle Eastern Oil. You could protect the environment. You could end global warming. You could make people optimistic again...You could get the economy going. Prevent the fleeing of jobs. Avoid our dependency on China...

You don't think anything like that could happen?

Well, it did. Only it was reversed. The box became the vehicle for change. Only negative change.

The Magic Box was a Box containing consumate Evil. Because it took what you wanted and changed it around. It was a box designed by evil people for evil purpose.

That box was the voting machine. And it has changed the world; not for the better but for Evil. It has brought out the demons of the past. And gave power to selfish intent
That box took and manipulated votes to change the outcome.
It made it possible to create WAr. It allowed for the exploitation of precious resources. It allowed employers to ship jobs off shore. It created even greater dependency on foreign oil. It allowed them to burn coal again guaranteeing the death of another 20,000 Americans...
And it despoiled the air and the water. It cost America jobs. It accelerated global warming. And its cost the lives of thousands of the best and the brightest!

If it can be done one way, it surely can be reversed to bring all that rational people want for their families and the world of the future.

Remember that the next time you dismiss the importance of the voting machine.

We have to see that voting machines are used honestly to tally a honest vote
so that we can have some faith in the future of America and democracy.

Let's get on the bandwagon to make Your Vote Count.

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